Parents and guardians, please take the time to read pertinent portions with your students, such as the mission statement, dress code and honor code. Please note that we revise the handbook annually, so reviewing it is important for returning families, as well as new. The provided handbook clarifies many details essential to being a part of the Maryvale Prep community.

Archway Handbook

Prep Handbook

A student that is being absent more than ten percent (18 days) of the required number of school days per year is considered to have “excessive absences” whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Also, three tardies or three early pick-ups will equal one absence. This year, we are introducing CUTS LITE Service (Court Unified Truancy Suppression Limited Intervention to Educate). The following guideline will be followed:

  • 5 Absences: Parents will receive the 1st warning letter
  • 9-11 Absences: Parents will receive the 2nd warning letter
  • 11+ Absences: Parent Conference/School Intervention
  • CUTS Lite Conference
  • CUTS Hearing

Truancy Introduction Letter

Carta de Introduccion de Truancy